Woohoo for June!

June is here! We made it through another year and the summer is upon us!  June has been an exciting and fun filled month.  The Spring Recital came and went with a flurry of activity and it was so much fun….it could not have been better.  The students worked so hard and we surprised our audience with some really neat ensembles and a even a few jokes and something else to celebrate was that, as my husband drily put it, “there were no swears on the program this time!” (just a little inside joke from the Christmas recital)  And we had such a wonderful turnout, I fear we may soon outgrow our venue!

Every June, after the recital is over, I cancel all regular lessons for a week and have all-studio group lessons.  I offer a special themed one hour group lesson at various times during that week and families get to sign up for the time of their choice.  This time the theme was a Three Ring Circus and we had a blast!  I used the Fun With Composers Tightrope Walker and the Ringmaster adaptation of Strauss` Tristch Tratsch Polka and the students had enormous fun learning about the composer and the piece and acting it all out.  It was such a fun way to end off the year. We celebrated music and great practicing with all kinds of treats….and, of course, I handed out jumbo freezies…as usual.

The rest of the month was a flurry of registrations for fall and school field trips and activities, including my  daughter`s grade 6 farewell, and I am deliciously exhausted from another terrific year!

Summer holidays officially begin tomorrow and I am so looking forward to a wonderful break and great family fun…but I also am excited about all my students returning in the fall and look forward to making more beautiful music with them as well as the possibility of having a new teacher to mentor and work with in my studio!  There`s always more to look forward to just around the corner…


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