Musical Compassion!

We have all heard that music makes you smarter–well, the study of music does.
Music hath Powers – From today’s Globe and Mail, Pictures & Prophecies:

– “Music education produces myriad benefits, strengthening kids’ abilities in reading, math, and verbal intelligence,” says PSMag.com (formerly MillerMcCune.com).

But it might just also make you more kind and compassionate, too!
“New British research suggests it may also teach something less tangible, but arguably just as important: The ability to empathize. In a year-long program focused on group music-making, eight- to 11-year-old children became markedly more compassionate, according to a just-published study from the University of Cambridge. The finding suggests kids who make music together aren’t just having fun: they’re absorbing a key component of emotional intelligence.”

Even more reason to stick out those piano lessons! And even more reason to get involved in group ensemble lessons as well. It’s definitely one of the reasons I have group lessons for my private students a few times a year.

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Registration time is here again!

Spring is in the air–off and on, at least! It seems that one day we have beautiful spring sunshine and the next day is a snowfall/blizzard warning!

Regardless of the weather, Spring is usually a time for cleaning and organizing for me. I’ve been sorting through the closets in our house, rearranging my studio and putting together my schedule for next year and opening up registration for the next term–September 2012.

As we begin to wrap up this year, we also start to plan for next year! Funny how that works. So, if you are planning your schedule and looking at registering or re-registering, you can check the schedule on: