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February Newsletter 2013

February is here and we have already passed the halfway point of lessons this year. This week marks lesson 19 and there are just 15 left to complete our 34 lessons this year. Time is flying by!
So, just a quick update/reminder as to what is ahead in February.

Monday, February 18, 2013 NO LESSONS OR CLASSES
Family day weekend is coming and there will be no lessons OR classes on that Monday–enjoy the day with your family!

February, 19-21 Contemporary Showcase mini-recitals for all PIANO students
Many of our piano students have been working diligently on their own compositions and/or on a few contemporary or Canadian piano pieces and we will be showcasing them during the week of February 19-21. There will be no regular lessons that week, instead we will have special group lessons in the form of mini-recitals. This will be a lot like the group lesson layout we had in December and is for ALL the PIANO students whether they are in private lessons or the piano classes (Sunshine to Moonbeams). Three different mini-recital times will be offered; choose and RSVP to the time that is best for you. Unlike our regular group lessons, this mini-recital is open to parents rather than unparented. In fact, parents are encouraged to attend and hear what the students have created. Last year, we had almost all parents in attendance and goodies were even brought by each family to share in a “mini-reception” following our “mini-recitals”! It was a great time for listening to great music and getting to know each other better. So, feel free to attend with your child–grandparents and siblings are welcome, too. Just be prepared for a “cozy and casual” recital atmosphere–we will be using the carpet for our “chairs”! Here are the mini-recital times to choose from:

TUESDAY, February 19, 6-7pm

WEDNESDAY, February 20, 5:30-6:30pm

THURSDAY, February 21, 5-6pm

Regular lessons will resume the following week and continue until March 25th at which time we will break for Spring Break until April 2nd.

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