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October News

Where in the world did September go? We have had three great weeks of lessons already so far. Our focus for September has been to establish or re-establish a daily practice routine. We started out with small assignments that first week but are beginning to see some growth and this year is shaping up to be a very exciting one.


I received some absolutely thrilling news this week! A letter arrived from Conservatory Canada informing me that one of my students, Jessica, (who did her Grade 2 Contemporary Idioms exam in June) received the highest mark in Alberta for that exam. She, along with other students across Canada with top marks, will be presented with Conservatory Canada’s Gold Medal of Excellence. A very big honor! Congratulations, Jessica, for your hard work and dedication.


Our focus for October will be on inspiring creativity and we will be having our first masterclass of the year to kick this off. So, just to remind you, there will be no regular lessons or classes during the week of October 14-18, instead we will have masterclasses at several different times for you to choose from that week. This is for ALL students from Sunbeams 1 to private lessons. This month’s masterclass will focus on improvising and ensemble work and will be a lot of fun. Ages and levels will be mixed to allow for a lot of creativity and mentorship in both our improvising and ensemble playing and to allow all the students a chance to get to know each other better. As we get closer to these dates, I will send out an email with the days and times that these classes will be offered during that week and you may sign up for whichever one works best in your schedule. There will be about 4 different masterclass times to choose from.

SUNRISE PRESCHOOL CLASS–starting October 21st

I am hoping to get another Sunrise preschool music class up and rolling again this year, as has been the tradition for several years now, even some of our older, advanced students can tell you all about spending time in a preschool class with me! (because, GOOD HEAVENS, how old AM I now?) 😉 If you or anyone you know of has a 3-4 year old interested in music this would be the place to start and we just need TWO more registrations to get this class up and rolling! Some highlights of the program include:

Singing, Rhythm and listening skills
Carefully chosen songs and games appropriate to the development level of the preschool age child
Individual and group singing
Listening activities
Playing of rhythm instruments
Fine and gross motor activities
Rhythm development

Key Concepts covered and reinforced through each Sunrise lesson plan include:
Beat and Rhythm
Fast and Slow
Dynamics – Loud and Quiet
Listening Activities
Pre-reading Skills – Left to right

I’d love to get a Monday 11am class up and rolling for October 21st!


Another exciting event planned for October that will be taking place across Canada (and perhaps even farther reaching!) is RETURN TO MUSIC DAY! I will be participating in Return to Music Day on October 19th. This event is for adults who wish they’d had piano lessons as a child OR wish that they’d never quit. For one day only, you have the chance to have your own 30 minute private lesson for the fabulous rate of $5! And all proceeds will be donated to charity. More information and sign up times will be coming shortly. You can also check out the official page ( and check in on facebook every now and then for more updates!


Speaking of Facebook, the studio Facebook page is now at 40 “likes”…..getting so close to that first goal of 50! It has been exciting to see it grow. Some of the students who did exams this year agreed to be videotaped and their performances are posted there, if you would like to see a little more than what was showcased at the June recital! Once we hit the “50 like” mark, we will be having a draw for some prizes–including an MYC music t-shirt and some Starbucks giftcards (a little something to fuel your drive to piano lessons!)

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