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Yep, we “pump”-kined up that practice! ;)

Wow, well October sure came and went quickly. Perhaps it was all that practicing! We tried a crazy pumpkin practice challenge with one spell (challenge) to complete each week and a 4th and final one was completed in lessons this week. What a lot of practice….just what kind of a crazy teacher assigns that kind of things anyway?! πŸ˜‰ It was tough–I know because my kids were doing it too! It took a lot of planning ahead and I am so proud of all you who completed or even just participated in that challenge. It was a doozy! Here is a picture of our wall of pumpkins (I don’t think I quite got all of them in the picture) and a little sneak at the Halloween Fun we had this week:


There were some pretty neat costumes here too:

Oh, and yes that is Cruella deVil! She stopped by to guest teach on Thursday afternoon, but we think she was just looking for some more puppies for her fall collection…we made sure we hid Murphy! πŸ˜‰

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