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Video of the Month ~ November 2013

It seems like I was just introducing video of the month club for October and here we are a week into November already! The video I have chosen for this month is almost kind of opposite of last month’s. Last month was The Piano Guys One Direction video (https://mmmusicstudio.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/video-of-the-month-club/) with 5 guys on 1 piano playing a pop selection! Pretty darn neat!
This month I am introducing the students to an amazing pianist named Joshua Wright (who I may or may not have just a wee bit of a crush on đŸ˜‰ ) He is just one pianist but playing on TWO grand pianos at the same time! The music is different too in that he plays La Campanella by Franz Liszt–a piece of music that some might refer to as “Classical”. It is actually from the Romantic Era of music and was composed somewhere around the mid-1800’s.
It is an extremely difficult piece to play on one piano requiring the pianist to make giant leaps in a fast 16th note rhythm…sometimes the leaps are two octaves apart! La Campanella means “little bell”, as you listen you can decide if and where in the piece you think it sounds “little”. I hope you enjoy this incredible piece and Josh’s rendition of it on TWO pianos with all it’s energy and passion and will want to come back to it again and again as I do!

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