2 Pianos 4 Hands


This past Sunday I took my two children to see the play “2 Pianos 4 Hands” at the Citadel Theatre in downtown Edmonton. I had never seen a performance of this before but had heard many rave reviews. My children had no idea what to expect but are always up for a downtown Edmonton adventure…later they would admit that they had secretly thought it would be some “long concert by two old guys”. Minutes into the performance they were laughing hysterically from their front row seats. In between their gasps of delight were cries of “That is SO me!” or “I’ve done that!”

And for me, well it was like watching my life so far played out on stage! I, too, laughed hysterically as I could relate so well to the pre-teen practice sessions. Yes, I even tried to sneak out the back door to a friends during a practice session–boy did I catch some serious heck for that, took long “bathroom” or “water or snack” breaks during practice time, and once even watched the TV–turned down very low, of course–while my mom was busy upstairs with a guest!

I laughed uproariously at conservatory exam and festival scenes knowing those moments and feelings all too well and hooted again at the ABC music studio scene because I have had that very student, “Marsha”, and even had to deal with her very last revelation! It’s true.

Tears of laughter poured down our cheeks in so MANY of the different scenes. But there were many tender and touching moments as well and I felt a few tears come to my eyes as I also have had a “Conservatory teacher” (university piano teacher) tell me that though she thought I was very talented and so very musical and expressive, she absolutely knew I did not have what it took to be a concert pianist. I didn’t start young enough and I did not practice long enough, it just wasn’t going to happen.

This play will be at the Citadel Theatre for one more week and if you can go you absolutely MUST! My children are 14 and 10 but a couple of my piano students who are 8 went and enjoyed it immensely. No matter whether you are or were a piano student or a piano parent you will see yourself somewhere in this play. It is delightful and I think anyone 8 years old or up with a year or two of piano lessons under their belt would thoroughly enjoy it. I will let you know that there were two exclamations of “Sh**”, about three “G** D***s, one reference to “big boobs” and a short bar scene with a drunken patron for those of you with young children. But, all in all, I think you would regret not seeing this wonderful play! Go while you still can, our front row seats were only $35 and you can call the Citadel to find out more about discounted rush seating which is usually about 50% off! For more information: http://www.citadeltheatre.com/20132014-season/2-pianos-4-hands/

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