A Fresh Month, A Fresh Start and some Fresh News for February

I don’t know about you, but I am done with January. Actually, to be honest, I am done with winter but I think we all know that’s not going anywhere soon! It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed January, it’s been filled with many sunny days, birthday celebrations, exciting events and some plain, old-fashioned family fun…but, still, I’m done! I think I am just ready for that fresh, new feeling that a new month brings and, no matter how much fun I try and fill January with, it still seems like it’s the longest month of the year!

So, I am really looking forward to flipping that calendar page and saying hello to February. February: a nice short month, the month of love, the month that officially says we are half way to summer! What’s not to like about February? Well, maybe that it’s still part of winter? 😉


Anyway, a new month just always seems like a fresh start and it’s got me excited about planning the second half of our year. We’ve been having a lot of fun “hosting” our first ever Piano Olympics. I have so enjoyed the enthusiasm of all the students and parents and think that over all it has been a success….not perfect…but definitely a success. I’ve found it challenging to fit it all in at times, especially in our MYC classes which are so full as it is and so I am definitely realizing that there is some tweaking and re-organizing to do before I pull it out again in 2018 to make it even better….and maybe a little lower maintenance for the teacher. 😉 Anyway, all in all it has been so fun and so exciting to see all the events completed and stickers going up all over those Olympic Flags! We have just two more weeks to get in a couple more events–all events MUST be completed by February 13th, so that I can tally it all up and get ready for our “Closing Ceremony and Medal Presentations” during the week of February 18-20. February 18-20 will be another Masterclass week with a special schedule…keep your eyes open for an email with class times to sign up for. After that week, regular lessons will resume until we close our studio for Spring Break: March 31-April 6.

olympic tree

I have updated our calendar with these upcoming events, so you are welcome to print off another from this link: https://mmmusicstudio.wordpress.com/check-the-schedule/
You will also find our Spring Recital now TENTATIVELY on the calendar! And, yes, I did place it in a different month–that’s not a typo! I am hoping to try something a little “fresh” with our recital this year. I found last year that there was a bit of burnout happening towards the end of May and a whole lot of soccer practices! My poor high school students were stressed over upcoming exams and final assignments and other students were running from music lessons to the soccer fields like there was no tomorrow. Finding time to polish and perfect a recital piece in the midst of all this seemed to be adding even more stress. So, this year I am thinking we should try something new: a recital in early May. And so, the plan for now is that our Spring Recital will be Friday, May 9, 2014 at 6:30pm at the same venue as our Christmas Recital followed by approximately one more fun of lessons before summer break. If anything changes, I will let you know!

Happy Birthday, Mozart!

January 27, 1756 was a very big day for music! On this day, Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart was born…..you might know him as just “Mozart”. I thought being saddled with two middle names was inconvenient but Mozart definitely has me beat! It is so fitting to celebrate his birthday right now as we focus and composing for both our Piano Olympics and the upcoming MYC Composition festival. I love sharing with my little students how he began composing at age 5! So, many of them look at me with huge eyes and say, “I’m FIVE!!!”

In his very short life (he died at 35–younger than I am now!), he composed over 600 works of music and is one of the most popular composer from the Classical era. He was a master of improvisation and a “rock star” among the royalty and people of his day with a lifestyle to match! Sorry, Bieber, you’ve not exactly been innovative with your crazy antics! 😉 A favorite of his piano pieces is Twelve Variations on “Ah vous dirai-je, Maman”, K. 265/300e….the french folksong melody that we all know as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”.

So, grab a cupcake, pick out Twinkle Twinkle on your piano (or iPhone/iPad keyboard) and celebrate one of the greats today. Just, please, don’t egg your neighbor’s house!


January Update

It’s the 15th! We are halfway through the month of January and experiencing a sunny & balmy, albeit extremely breezy, day! And to top it all off: The snow mountain is gone and we can park more easily once again!

snow mountain gone

I have to admit that though I am a very positive, upbeat, glass is over-flowing kind of person….January…well let’s just say it’s not my favorite month. It just always seems long, cold and dreary to me. So I have been enjoying the warming trend and the fact that it seems to be going by so quickly. I think another reason January has been a bit more bearable this year is all the excitement in the studio over our Piano Olympics. It’s been a lot of fun this week to have students come in to their lessons and classes excited to challenge one of their Olympic events and put a sticker on their flag! Looks like it’s shaping up to be an exciting few weeks here! Our Olympics will run until February 13th and then wrap up during the week of February 18-20 with a very special set of master classes with a “Closing Ceremony and Medal Presentation” theme.

It’s been exciting to watch our Facebook page grow, too over the last few months! We hit 50 “likes” in December and celebrated with a draw for prizes. Congratulations once again to Cathy F., Alyssa G., and Rachelle H.! We are now at 53 “likes”. If you are more of a Twitter person than a Facebook-er, I have been trying to revive my long neglected Twitter account and post the same things as my Facebook page. It is up and running and active once again so, if you are interested, you can follow @mmmusicstudio on Twitter and not feel like you are missing out! 😉

As things start to settle in, I will be working on tax receipts for you. I hope to have these completed by around mid-February. So, hang in there….they are on the to-do list!

One more thing. I would just love to run another Sunrise preschool music class this year. So if you or someone you know has a 2-3 year old who loves making music….well, this just may be for you! This is the last chance to get in on a preschool music class until fall and it will begin February 24 and run until May 12. The $165 registration fee includes the 10 weeks of classes as well as a backpack, workbook, CD, finger puppet and rhythm instrument. Email mmmusicstudio@hotmail.com for more details!