Moment of the Month (and why I think my students are TRULY awesome!)

Have I mentioned lately how much I just love my students?! I honestly have the BEST job ever! There is no such thing as the Monday morning blues for this girl. Each of my work days is filled with music and the most awesome aspiring (and inspiring) musicians ever! I don’t think I could ask for a kinder, more enthusiastic group of “kids” to work with (I know my teens don’t always like being referred to as kids..lol). They are like family to me. They are constantly alternating between cracking me up and warming my heart…or, more likely, both at once. So I had to share this sweet, little story with you from one of our classes this week.

This week we had special group lessons, called master classes, instead of our regular schedule of private lessons or beginner piano groups. I do these special classes every time there is a long weekend. Not only does it ensure that the Monday students still get a lesson that week, it also gives the students a chance to get to know each other outside of the semi-annual recitals we have and makes piano lessons feel a little less solitary (I’m a firm believer in making piano lessons a little more like sports and being part of a team 😉 ). They also get to hone certain skills and play games that are simply impossible to do in a private setting.

Anyway, at the start of one of our classes this week, two little 10 year old girls were getting to know each other and bonding over “rainbow loom” (have you been rainbow-loomed yet? 😉 ).
The first girl says, “Wow those are beautiful bracelets! Is that the “starburst” pattern?”
The second girl shrugs casually at the compliment and says, “Yep.”
The first girl says, “Did you make those?” and the second nods. The first girl says, “Wow!”
Then the second girl pulls one of the bracelets off her wrist and hands it to the first and says, “Here. You can have one.”
With enormous, shining brown eyes, the first girl says, “Really? Are you sure?” and the second one nods.
The first girl says, “Thank you SO much, it’s SO beautiful! Thank you!” and reverently places the bracelet on her wrist and says, “Thank you” one more time in the most sincerely thankful voice you could possibly imagine.

My heart melted. And my eyes MAY have “watered”…just a teeny bit. 😉

This is a just a sample of the friendship and kindness that I have witnessed over and over again. My students are truly awesome and growing into some very amazing people. And I get to spend time with these beautiful people week after week after week. Best. Job. Ever.

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