March Video of the Month

March has kind of gotten away on me and I ALMOST forgot about our Video of the Month! Almost! I actually had this video picked out in February when it was first released. In fact, I even woke my daughter up early the morning it was released so she could be one of the first ever to see/hear it….it’s pretty much her favorite non-Katy Perry song right now! 😉 When I heard it, I knew I had to make it the March video….and a week ago, amidst the freezing cold temperatures, it sure seemed appropriate!

The Piano Guys have done it again: pairing a new, contemporary favorite with a classical piece. Both “Let It Go” from Frozen and Vivaldi’s “Winter” are beautiful and dramatic…together they really do give me goosebumps! I love how they use the main themes from each of the three movements of the Vivaldi.

Curious to hear what Vivaldi’s own full version of Winter sounds like? See if you can find the main themes. I LOVE this piece (I could listen to it on repeat ALL day!) and think that Vivaldi was a little ahead of his time! 😉

Oh and that back drop for The Piano Guys video? That wasn’t a green screen like last month’s video! That was ALL real. Want to see how they did it?

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