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Fun with Rhythm – Cups Tutorial Part 1

We’ve been having a bit of fun with rhythm in our lessons and classes the last couple of weeks and part of this fun has included learning the Cups rhythm from You’re Gonna Miss Me. It’s not just the students who are enjoying it, we have parents joining in ,too, and that is so great! However, some parents wondered if I could make a tutorial similar to how I’ve broken in down in class. Yesterday, I sat down and put together a basic and short tutorial on just the rhythm. Later this week, I will try and put together another video with the rhythm and vocal so that, once you are very comfortable with the rhythm, you can start working on the vocal part or work on being able to keep the rhythm going continuously. We’re hoping to make this a part of our upcoming Spring Recital on May 9, 2014.

Enjoy working along with this little video. I did it simply in one take, so it does have a few “bloopers”. 😉

Stay tuned for Video 2 😉

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