A Quick May Update!

Well, what a week this has been! We had another terrific spring recital last Friday (it was our 13th annual Spring recital!) and it was so nice to hear all the wonderful, glowing feedback. I was a little worried there was going to be another recital “disaster” as I had been feeling a bit under the weather in the days previous and then woke up that recital morn with joints so stiff and swollen, I could hardly move! I wasn’t able to play the blues piece I had planned for the recital, in fact my poor stiff fingers hardly wanted to play the two little accompaniment pieces for the ensembles and my knees did not enjoy so much getting up and down and bending for that cups song….but we made it through! On Saturday, I was even worse so my poor, worried hubby shipped me off to the medicentre. After 15 different blood tests (each with their own vial of blood!), a heart test and a ultrasound, we discovered it was parvovirus b19! So, much to my hubby’s relief, I won’t die and my joints seems to be slowly returning to normal. However, piano practice will be a little slow for me right now….and sadly, I’m going to have to take a break from all those push-ups and planks I just LOVE doing during bootcamp classes! 😉 Anyway, for those of you who noticed I was going barefoot and moving slowly and thought it unusual…that’s my excuse!

I tried to get pictures and video as much as possible of the recital as they are so nice to share (I will do up a post of this soon!), but I did have some technical difficulties….not enough storage on my silly new iPhone. I did manage to get video of ALMOST everyone by frantically deleting things, but I hardly got any pictures. I would absolutely LOVE if you would email OR share on the Facebook page some of your great pictures! I’d like to do a little recital write up on the blog page and share! So, please send those awesome pictures of yours! ALSO, send me some of the Christmas ones if you have them! I’m really trying to work on a nice studio photo album of memories, but I have so little opportunity to take pictures (or at least very good ones) at our recitals!

Now for a quick and important update regarding our next couple of weeks:

It’s the long weekend! There will be NO lessons on Monday, the 19th….enjoy that day off, Mondays students! We will have regular lessons for the Tues-Thurs students from the 20-22, HOWEVER, the following week only the Monday students will have a lesson (May 26th) and the Tues-Thurs lessons (May 27-29) will be canceled as I will be away….so just a reminder to mark those calendars!

As long as I do not have to cancel any more lessons for illness or unexpected absence, we may even get a BONUS 35th lesson in this year and so this is the tentative schedule for the remainder of the year:

Monday May 19th NO LESSONS
Tues-Thurs May 20-22 Lesson 33
Monday May 26 Lesson 33
Tues-Mon May 27-June2 NO LESSONS
Tues-Thurs June 3-5 Lesson 34
Monday June 9 Lesson 34
Tues-Thurs June 10-12 MASTER CLASSES (Monday students, you will have the opportunity to come for your regular lesson on the Monday AND a master class the Tues, Wed or Thurs so that you get a bonus lesson, too!) 🙂

If, for any reason, I must cancel lessons between now and then the master classes will become our 34th and final lesson of the year. Does that make sense? Clear as mud, right?! 😉 At any rate we will dismiss for the summer by June 12th!

Enjoy a wonderful May long weekend!

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