The Magic Of Christmas!

It’s been a busy week back to piano lessons!  Hope you were able to come back feeling a little bit refreshed.  One student told me he didn’t get as much done as he thought he would and that really resonated with me!  I spent hours restoring order to my desk and studio and preparing the Christmas ensembles and though much was accomplished, the time flew by so fast that I realized I didn’t get nearly as much done as I thought I would.  It was still a valuable break, though.

This week I introduced the ensemble numbers for the recital and there is one number that ALL students will be involved in again just like last spring and last Christmas!  It will be our finale of the concert.  The selection is The Magic of Christmas Day by Celine Dion.  ALL the students from MYC to the older students in Private Lessons will learn the chorus and the Sunbeams 1 and 2 classes will sing the first verse while the Sunbeams 3 and Moonbeams 3 sing the second verse.  I handed out the music to students this week to practice  at home but here is a youtube video with lyrics and music to sing a long to if you prefer…or just listen to and enjoy.  We will only be singing the two verses and chorus, no bridge.


Last year we “practiced for pennies” and raised well over $100 for Food for the Hungry and many students requested we do it again this year!  So we are!  Participation is optional and all you have to do to participate is record how many minutes you practice the piano each day!  I will sponsor each student at one penny per minute of practice!  If you want to recruit aunts or uncles or grandparents as sponsors as well that is entirely up to you.  Here’s a little look at last year’s Practicing for Pennies:


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November News

Welcome to November! I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween. It was a busy week in our studio: some students played some Halloween music and we enjoyed some “spooky” stories in our MYC classes as we anticpated the end of October festivities.

It’s amazing how quickly the last two months have gone by! The next 6 weeks are going to be just as busy and exciting. Here is just a reminder of a few dates you need to remember! So, get out your calendars and mark these down!

NOVEMBER 10-15 NO LESSONS; Studio closed for Fall Break
If you were really organized and printed out the calendar that I emailed out to you last month or marked down those dates on your calendar, you may already know this….but I thought it little reminder couldn’t hurt! 😉 We will have lessons as usual this week, but the following week of November 10-15 there will be NO lessons as we take a little mid-semester break to co-ordinate with Elk Island and Edmonton Public school breaks. Enjoy the break from lessons and be ready to work full steam toward our Christmas Concert! I’ll be using that Fall Break to put the final touches on ensemble choices and repertoire selections. Work with the older students has already begun and I am very excited about the selections we’ve got so far!

CHRISTMAS CONCERT (RECITAL), December 12, 6:30pm
That time of year approaches once again. In less than 6 weeks, we will celebrate the accomplishments of our students with our annual Christmas recital. Actually, I hesitate to call it a recital as it is so much more: piano solos, rhythm ensembles, vocal ensembles, witty MC’s and perhaps just a little bit of audience participation are just a sampling of what you can expect! Our Christmas Concert will take place on Friday, December 12th at 6:30pm in the main auditorium of First Church of the Nazarene, 14320 94 street, directly across from Dickensfield Care Center. This concert will be approximately 75 minutes in length and will be followed by a potluck reception/celebration.

Along with the Christmas Concert, the month of December will see another set of Master Class sessions during the week of December 15-19, followed by a two week Christmas break from December 20-January 4 with regular lessons resuming January 5th.

Have a wonderful first weekend of November! Can you believe the sunshine and NO snow?!