March and April News

Time just seems to fly in our piano studio and we are already well into March!  Since the New Year we’ve had a lot of exciting things going on including a special evening field trip to Edmonton Opera’s production of Carmen,  composing, a Pajama Day master class session, a rise and shine practice incentive and now my wall has been filling up with students who were caught practicing without even being asked by the parent paparazzi!!

Just a quick reminder that we will soon be taking a bit of a break…Spring Break will be here shortly and our studio will be closed from March 20-April 2.  Enjoy a lovely break! I am looking forward to spending the two weeks on a mission trip with my daughter to Jamaica where I have been asked to share my love of piano teaching by running a few lessons for those who would not have the opportunity to learn!  Very excited!

We will resume lessons on April 3rd and begin a flurry of recital preparation for our April 29th annual Spring Recital!  I have a few exciting things planned for this year that I think will make for a special time.

Mark you calendars for both the Spring Break and the Recital!

Also coming soon:  The Piano Guys!!! Wednesday, May 18th, at the Jubilee Auditorium!  We are very excited for this!

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