May News and Year End Dates

Hello, Everyone!

It seems like just yesterday we had our lovely April recital and now we are in the second week of May with only 5 weeks of lessons left!

Our recital went so well and I cannot thank everyone enough for the help you gave and the many ways you all contributed!  It was our earliest ever Spring recital this year (one week earlier than last year) and because I was away for all of Spring Break, it felt like a short time to get organized, but with your help I think it came off better than ever AND I think the early time ended up working out really well as it kind of pumped us all up and has given us extra enthusiasm and a renewed energy for the remaining weeks of lessons! Something that will be especially great for those doing Conservatory exams in June…and for those that aren’t doing exams there is a renewed enthusiasm for getting some extra pieces learned before June! Some students have challenged themselves with learning 30 pieces this year! Phew!

A couple of you have shared a picture of the recital, but I would just love to see more–pictures or video.  I was not able to get pictures or videos taken myself as I have in the past and I missed getting a picture of all the MYC grads.  So please feel free to share!!

The kids have all been asking when the next master class is.  Normally I have done a master class as the very last class of the year because I am often away during the May long Weekend week.  However, this year I am not going to be away!  So, I am changing up the schedule just slightly this year.  We will have our last master class of the year during the week of May 24th, immediately following the long weekend.  Then we will have two more regular lessons/classes before finishing up for the year on June 9th.

I will send out the master class times for May 25, 26, 27 in the very next email…expect that in the next day or so.  And you will be able to indicate the time you wish your student to attend, but putting it in the subject line of your reply to that email.

Also starting next week will be our final practice challenge of the year.  It’s going to be a lot of fun and offer some more creative ways to look at your piano practice to keep the energy going right to the end of the year…when I issue this year’s Summer Practice Challenge!  A handout will be coming home with each student next week and the summer practice challenge will go home with them at the last lesson of the year, so be sure to continue checking those music bags regularly over the next few weeks!

In the meantime, have a lovely day!  Looks like we’ve got some sunshine again!

Then and Now: A Piano Celebration

April went by in a flurry of activity as we prepared for our annual Spring Recital.  As this was our 15th annual Spring Recital, we thought we would share a few “blasts from the past” and many of the students were excited to play their very first recital piece followed by their newly prepared piece from this year.  It was a special way to show just how much they’ve grown over the years.



In addition to the lovely piano solos, we had fun ensembles using keyboards, rhythm instruments and even just using our hands and bodies to do a lap, tap, clap, snap rhythm…even the audience got to participate!



Slipped into each program was a recital compliment exchange sheet that was inspired by fellow teaching colleagues, Swan Kiezebrink and Wendy Stevens (  Audience members were asked to listen to the solos and leave meaningful compliments for each performer.  This was embraced by most of the audience and in the end I had dozen of sheets of beautiful compliments to share with the students.  These compliment pages have now made a “Great Wall of Encouragement” in our studio for the students to read as they come to lessons this week.  I think they have all left the studio this week with an extra glow about them!

great wall of encouragement

We wrapped up our lovely evening with what every celebration must have:  cake!  A huge thank you to all of you for so generously bringing the supplies we needed for this!  The Elliott family provided cake, the Sedore family helped me blow up balloons, and you all brought plenty of juice and water and treats and napkins and plates.  It was a truly beautiful night and I could never have done it without your help!  The only downside was the few pictures and videos, I managed to get.  I would love it if you would share some of your photos and videos with us!

cake 2