Studio Tour & Contact

All piano lessons in my bright and spacious Clareview Road music studio are taught on my beautiful baby grand piano and enhanced with ensemble playing using six keyboards as well as many off-the-bench learning activities. There is an extensive lending library of piano books, seasonal music and teaching materials as well as many creative teaching aids, rhythm instruments, handbells and games. We frequently make use of the computer, iPad and flat screen TV for composing, listening, youtube videos and research.

Email  or call (780) 298-8674 for more information!


In the center of a quiet cul de sac, the studio is steps from the beautiful Edmonton River Valley and just blocks from Belmont Centre. Parents can enjoy walking the trails OR a stop at Tim’s while children are having lessons. We are even close enough to Sobey’s that you might even get some quick shopping done during lesson time.



Want to see us in action? Check out one of our YouTube videos:

3 thoughts on “Studio Tour & Contact”

  1. Hi there just inquired do u still accepting student I have 2 yrs old and 5.5 yrs old both girls want to learn piano. I’m interested to enroll them if possible. Thanks.

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