The Great Gumdrop Practice Challenge!

We wrapped up our year this year with the most intense practice challenge yet!  A studio versus studio practice challenge that pitted us against Swan’s Music Studio in Vanderhoof, BC!

gumdrop 1

Each week we were inspired by a practice tip and issued a practice challenge…then we waited to see how many of our students and how many of Swan’s students completed the practice challenge!


What exactly was on the line?  Well for each studio, it was the bragging rights of having the best practicers. And to add a little extra motivation: the losing studio would have to video record and a concession speech congratulating the winning studio and admitting they were the best! 😉

For the students individually, each completed practice challenge earned them a guess for the giant gumdrop jar that was sitting in studio.  At the end of the challenge, the gumdrops would be added up and the closest guess would take it home…but each student that completed all four weeks of challenging would go home empty-handed, they would receive their own little treat bag!  In the end, it was Hope’s guess of 801 that earned her the jar!


In the end it was our studio that won….but just by a nose! Swan’s Music Studio really kept us on our toes!

gumdrop 12

We celebrated our win and all the hard work at our final master class of the year!  We played our favorite pieces for each other, had a Note Speed competition, tried our hand at drawing a piano (great fine motor skill exercise and no easy feat drawing a grand piano!) and celebrated with an ice cream treat!  What a great end to another fantastic year of piano lessons!


February Mini Recitals

Among the many opportunities we enjoyed in our studio, the February mini-recitals were a special one!  Piano parents opened their homes during the Family Day week and students debuted their compositions or played a favourite composer from this year.

We then played a fun game of Mad Gab and laughed at our various piano-related stories!

And then, of course, we enjoyed some delicious refreshments! It was a great time of community building!

february mini recital 5


Christmas Master Classes 2018

Well, that’s a wrap on week 14 AND 2018! We enjoyed Master Classes this week instead of regular lessons and it was, of course, a Christmas Theme!

We played Rhythm Instrument Karaoke, Name That Christmas Tune (Family Feud Style), Boomwhacker Karaoke, we crafted piano-themed fortune tellers for a special piano game and ended with a treat and my favourite Piano Guys Christmas video!

Just a reminder that the studio is now closed for the Christmas Break! Lessons will resume on Thursday, January 10th! Enjoy a wonderful break.


Yuletide By the Fireside!

Congratulations to all the students on a job well done! Our recital was such a beautiful celebration of all your hard work! What a treat to spend a Sunday afternoon with 34 of my most favourite musicians!

And a huge Thank You to all the parents who helped to provide such a delicious spread of refreshments. I’m fairly certain the students feel that’s the best part of recital!

Here is a little sneak peak of our time together. But first, a quick reminder that we will be wrapping up this week with special Christmas Master Classes in lieu of regular lessons. Please see your email for the Sign Up Genius link! Merry Christmas!  See you again on January 10th!

Year End Excitement 2018

It’s June! The last few months have flown by and we are wrapping up yet another wonderful year of Music making  with something very fun this week…but first, a bit of a recap:

May was a busy month preparing for our spring recital and we fine tuned our pieces in both private lessons and a  boot camp style master class rehearsal week. We had relay races that drilled bits of our pieces and then full run through both with and without distractions,

Then we celebrated with our first ever coffee shop style recital, a super fun experience!


This will be our final week of lessons until September and we are going out with a bang! In lieu of regular lessons this week we will have master classes with a very special theme inspired by my son’s birthday party: an escape room.

Bring the musical knowledge you’ve gained this year, your piano books and a sundae topping to share. I’ll provide the challenges and the ice cream to celebrate with at the end!



Easter Master Classes ~ April 2018

We enjoyed another week of special all studiomaster class groups this week! I used the theme of Easter surprises throughout the class.

We opened with an ice breaker game. Each student pulled an Easter egg half out of a bag and then had to find their matching half. This also helped review their musical terms.


Next we did a little ear training with mystery eggs. The mystery eggs each had a small household item in them that students had to guess without looking. Some were able to guess, some asked for help before opening the egg….some items really stumped the. But it was wonderful to watch them engage their ears listening for the pitch and timbre of the sound in the egg to help them identify it.


Then we had SoloTime and each student played a piece they had practiced over Spring Break.

We did another mystery egg listening game but this time the mystery items were a treat to be enjoyed while watching a Piano Guys video.

Then we improvised as a group in 3/4 time .


We finished up with one last game of interval identification “survivor style” with Scrambled Eggs! The older students paired up with the you get students…but the younger students caught on so quickly, I’m not sure they needed the help!